Day 1 of Teacher Training

At 8.32am I found myself sat in my car taking a nervous selfie, with a million thoughts going through my head. ‘Have I made the right decision?’, ‘Why teaching?’, ‘Heels or flats?’, ‘Is 28 minutes, too early?’. 

Today came the realisation that I am actually going to be a teacher. No more student life for me. In September I’ll officially be enrolled on a School Direct Teacher Training course as a Secondary French Teacher. The next two weeks are a little taster of what’s to come.

Everyone keeps telling me I must be mad for going in to teaching and if I’m honest, I agree with them. I had an option to stay in recruitment, after successfully completing an internship in that industry, for a company who really wanted me to stay working for them. But after having done a degree in BA Education, I thought why not go on get my teaching qualification. As my degree isn’t in a curriculum subject, I decided I wanted to teach French, my strongest A level, and it helps that my Dad is French also.

Today we have been bombarded with lectures on the safeguarding of children, a full tour of the school (which is amazing by the way), a chat from previous trainees and loads of handouts. In some ways it has calmed my nerves and things have become a lot clearer, but in other ways it has also made me realise how difficult this year is going to be.

However, I am up for the challenge!

Oh and I went for the heels by the way, Kurt Geiger will never let you down.

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