G’s Coco and Eve Review

See that glossy shiny hair in that pic. Nope, it’s not natural, Coco and Eve helped me!

So if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks and you follow the same type of people on instagram that I do then you’ll have probably seen some kind of post/advertisement about a new hair mask made by Coco and Eve. And me being me, I decided to check it out.

So in the box you get a 212ml bottle that comes with a ‘Tangle Tamer’ brush that I would say is just as good as my Tangle Teezer I use on a daily basis. It arrives in gloriously thoughtful and beautiful packaging, slight teared during transit, but still gorgeous all the same.


Now for you lovely people, I decided to do a before and after photo for my first use and prepare to be amazed! My first impressions when applying the mask is that it feels amazing the moment you put it on your hair. The tangle tamer is ideal for the shower to help get any knots out and aid in the smoothness feeling. It washes out nicely, although because your hair is so smooth it’s hard to know when the product is actually out and it’s just your soft hair you’re feeling. When drying your hair it leaves a lovely shiny glossy glow that with my new short hair looks so healthy and I got loads of compliments at work.

So without further ado, here’s my before and after taken outside in natural light so you can really see the difference!


Not only does my hair look brighter but shinier and those stray hairs are no more!

So Coco and Eve is a big thumps up from me!

Good points:

  • It’ll last you a while, I’ve been using it once or twice a week since January and I still have half a pot left! (bare in mind I have shorter hair now)
  • It leaves your hair feeling magically smooth
  • It’s vegan AND gluten free
  • No part of it is tested on animals – it’s cruelty free

Less good points:

  • It’s pricey £34.90 for a tub or £54.90 for 2 if you team up with a friend to buy it
  • If you’re prone to greasiness, like I am, I don’t think this product helps with the length of time between washes. I find that I may have to wash it every 2 days instead of 3 but it’s worth it for how good it looks when it’s first washed.

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