5 ways to manage your wellbeing when you start a new job

I shared with you all last week that I recently started a new job that I am loving and was really excited about the prospects and opportunities that this new role would bring for me. I realised, however, that I probably spoke about getting a new job in a really positive light and feel the need to address that, whilst it can be a really exciting time in your life, it can also be a particularly stressful one too.

Through my experience over the past 2 weeks I’ve put together a little checklist of tips that I’ve found that have helped me settle in better and stopped feeling so over whelmed by all this ‘newness’.

1. Establish a routine from day 1 

More often than not a new job means a new routine. Plan this new routine before your first day, from what time you’ll set your alarm to the time you’ll leave the house, to how you plan to travel adding in a little extra time for your first week. Granted, as you get used to your commute, this may change but it really helped me feel less overwhelmed knowing I was in control.

One way to manage your time is to actually time yourself. Often clocks around the house/in your car/your watch could all be slightly out of loop. Open Stopwatch on your phone, start it as soon as you wake up or when you leave the house and leave it going until you get to work. Do this for a week and work out an average. You’ll soon know how long to allow yourself and then can set your alarm clock accordingly.

2. Manage expectations

Usually when you start a new job it’s a lot to take in. Sometimes it might take you a little longer to do something than your colleagues expect as it’s all new to you. Make sure you’re honest with your manager about realistically how long something might take you and add a little extra leeway. If you end up getting something done even quicker that’s a positive for you but lying and saying you can get something done in 5 minutes will only send you into a frenzy.

However this tip goes for your home life just as much as at work. Ask the people who you live with for some extra support in the first couple of weeks, to help you get used to the new routine. This could be by cooking dinner for you, helping you with the washing up or allowing you time to relax and wind down!

3. Make an effort to get to know your colleagues

Seems like an obvious one but a few things can help with this. It’s so tempting to text all your friends and family how your first day is going on your lunch break and maybe even update your LinkedIn (too soon?). Let your family know you’re getting on ok and then put your phone away. Use this time to engage and get to know your colleagues. Ask lots of questions and remember key information to make conversation with the next day. After all, first impressions are everything!

4. Set aside time to relax and do something you enjoy

Balance. It’s such an important word. Prioritise time at home to relax and fit in your hobbies in your first couple of weeks, it’s tempting to push them aside and replace them with work, work and more work but if you do that you’ll find it really hard to fit them in later down the line. Exercising and meditation are good ways to keep your mind healthy and ready for the new challenge.

5. Remind yourself, YOU got this job and you deserve it!

Amongst all the emotions and new experiences it sometimes easy to forget that in order to get where you are, you were chosen! People believed in you… don’t pile too much pressure on yourself, they believed you can do this and you can!

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Your 20s wing woman!

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