Moving to the city; What’s it really like?

Life can take you to places you never even dreamed you’d visit but some of us love those new places so much, we now call them home.

Keep scrolling for five honest accounts from a range of young women in their twenties. They not only open up about their challenges they have faced, but also offer some sound advice if you’re thinking of putting down some new roots!

Gaby – Liverpool

“Love can be a huge motivator to wanting to settle down in a new place. Cringey as it sounds, I met my boyfriend at university in Birmingham and fell in love with his hometown of Liverpool. It seemed natural that we would settle down in there after graduating. But the first year was tough. I hadn’t quite anticipated how lonely I would feel despite my boyfriend trying his best to always keep my spirits high. After a year, it got easier, I changed jobs and started putting myself out there, making friends with neighbours, at the gym and at work. I’m so glad I didn’t let the first year put me off because I honestly believe there is no greater, friendlier and more exciting city in the UK than Liverpool. I grew up in a small rural town and London never appealed to me as it was just too big. Liverpool feels like it has everything a city has to offer but with a small tight-knit community feel. If you’re considering moving away but not convinced by London, I’d definitely recommend looking at some of the other major cities the UK has to offer. I’m so pleased I chose to move to Liverpool 3 year ago and now couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. It’s officially home.”

Gaby, founder of G’s Twenties, has also written 5 things I’ve learned from moving to a new city after graduating.

Bethan – London

“Some people dream of living in London, not me. It never crossed my mind. If I’m honest, it was my impulsive way of running away from that post uni shock of the responsibility of actually being a grown up. I was always a family girl and never far from home. However, a job came up for a place that appealed to me and I just decided that whilst I’m young and had no ties it was the best thing to do. I’m not going to sprinkle the London life with glitter. It’s not as dazzling as social media portrays it and moving to a humongous city on your own can sometimes feel isolating and lonely despite the fact you’re surrounded by so many people. Despite all this, I’m now currently into my third year living in London and now it really is my home. It takes time settling in and it’s easy to get caught up in the business and take for granted how incredible this city is when you live here. I currently live minutes walk from Oxford Street, I cycle/walk to my job in Knightsbridge through Hyde Park and I’m soon to move to Fulham to begin my next chapter. If you’ve ever considered moving here, just do it!”

Lydia – London

“I moved to London in November 2018 to work at a charity I was a volunteer at. Honestly, the first few days were harder than I could’ve imagined. Within 48 hours, I was looking at legal advice to try and sneak out of my tenancy, so I could move home. Dramatic? Maybe! But moving to a new city alone can be so unbelievably isolating. I found it so difficult because London is such a busy place, filled with life, yet I was so alone. After a week, I came to the realisation that I needed to escape the four walls of my flat and look after myself, so I started to reach out to people and explore. After a month, I started to appreciate the opportunity I had to live and work in the capital city, and how amazing it really was! I created a bucket list so that I could focus on that on my days off, instead of thinking about being alone. By the new year, my boyfriend had moved down to be with me and that made everything 100x easier, but I’m still so happy that I moved on my own and stuck it out. Living here has allowed me to learn so many things about myself and I’ve been able to prove to myself that I can step out of my comfort zone. Although I am moving away from London in a month to pursue a new job in Warrington, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time living here and I’d recommend it to anyone, even if it is just short term! If you are moving to a new city, remember to always surround yourself with positivity, keep yourself busy, and know that your family and friends at home are only a call or a train away.”

Alexa – Liverpool

“I moved to Liverpool from Portugal in 2012 to do a Master’s Degree. I wanted a change in my life and Liverpool proved to be just that! The city is beautiful and the people are just so friendly! Moving away has helped me come out of my shell and become the person I am today. Guess when you move somewhere you don’t know you have to get used of doing things out of your comfort zone! I’ve always felt like I was welcomed here and ever since I moved I felt like I was home, however as much as I love Liverpool, it’s hard being away from home. I miss my family and friends and it makes it harder when I miss family gatherings. Life would be perfect if I could have my family here! Besides that, I love my life in Liverpool. I live in South Liverpool, very close to Sefton Park and Lark Lane and I absolutely love it here. I love my job and I can’t think of moving anywhere else for work. I have friends here that are now my family and they definitely make things easier when I miss home! But not going to lie, going home on holidays is one of the best parts”

Lauren – Liverpool

“I first moved to Liverpool in 2014 to begin University. However, I never really felt like I had moved until I decided to stay here after I graduated. It’s very different being in a new city once all your uni friends have moved away. You start a new job, have to find a new flat and make friends all over again. It can be challenging but also extremely fun. I’ve made friends at work, friends at my partners work, started an evening German course and discovered parts of Liverpool I would never have come across at University. Beginning again in a new city can be lonely and uncomfortable at times so my advice to anyone would be to really make an effort with people you come across – you never know who is going to turn into a friend and what opportunities people can introduce you to.”

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