About Gaby

Gaby is a source of inspiration for those wanting to enhance their opportunities and experiences in their twenties.

A space for advice, guidance and inspiration in your twenties. 

“I entered my twenties in a state of confusion. Everything seemed a blur. I didn’t know what I wanted to do tomorrow, let alone with the rest of my life. I wasn’t in school anymore, I couldn’t ask a teacher for support. How do I go about renting my own place? What do I need to know before starting my first job? Should I start my own business? How on earth do I start saving for a house? I felt as though there was no place out there to go for help. I didn’t realise until later that most of my friends were feeling this way too.”

If you’re in your twenties and in need of some direction Gaby can help you!

If you feel you have a story, product or opportunity you wish to share with a widely growing audience of twenty-somethings, get in touch: info@talktwenties.com

Gaby’s Story

Founder of Talk Twenties, Gaby Mendes, started blogging in 2014 and quickly found an interest in writing about the challenges facing young professionals in their twenties and helping others find their way in the world.

Gaby Mendes is Event Operations Manager at Rapid News Group by day and Founder of Talk Twenties by night! At 25 years old, she is a former teacher turned event professional with a huge drive to help and support the next generation.

After completing her NQT (Newly-Qualified Teacher) year in 2017, Gaby left the teaching profession to pursue a career in the event industry, eventually landing a role as Operations Manager of TCT Show, an annual trade show exhibition held at the NEC. Through her role at Rapid News, Gaby was named in the Conference News 30 Under 30 in October 2019. 

Alongside her day job, and based on her education and teaching background, Gaby noticed pretty early on into her twenties that there was a huge gap in the market for a business that provided educational support and community for twenty-somethings. Talk Twenties was born from this realisation. 

Since launching in January 2020, Gaby has juggled pivoting and growing her business on the precipice of a global pandemic. Talk Twenties supports twenty-somethings through a bi-weekly podcast, monthly workshops and Online courses (the first course being the ‘first-time buyer guide’, in collaboration with a Mortgage Advisor, supporting the next generation get on the property ladder). 

As a strong leader and communicator, Gaby is regularly approached for various speaking engagements and in the past year has spoken on the topics of fulfilling aspirations, tackling obstacles, building your personal brand and starting a business.

Most importantly, Gaby prides herself on her positive nature and can-do attitude!

Gaby Mendes

Your twenties wing-woman!

Founder and Managing Director of Talk Twenties

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