Netflix Round Up: What should you watch next? (with trailers)

My thoughts on what I’ve been watching on Netflix recently, I promise there are no spoilers, just trailers. Let me know in the comments below what I should watch next! Peaky Blinders: Seasons 1-4 Let’s start with an absolute classic. Why I only just started watching this in 2019 is completely beyond me, it’s brilliant!Continue reading “Netflix Round Up: What should you watch next? (with trailers)”

G’s Coco and Eve Review

See that glossy shiny hair in that pic. Nope, it’s not natural, Coco and Eve helped me! So if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks and you follow the same type of people on instagram that I do then you’ll have probably seen some kind of post/advertisement about aContinue reading “G’s Coco and Eve Review”