Why I left teaching after just 2 years

It’s been one whole year since I hung up my teaching boots and left for a new career. I’ve sat down to write this post 100 times but somehow I can never finish. Finally, I’ve been able to get off my chest why I chose to leave teaching and it’s all too sad that myContinue reading “Why I left teaching after just 2 years”

Breaking the silence – my teacher training year so far

This adulting thing is hard. Really hard. So I haven’t posted on this blog since last August (8 months) and there’s a million reasons why but mainly I just haven’t had the time. I don’t actually have the time now but I feel like I need to write my thoughts down. The past 8 months haveContinue reading “Breaking the silence – my teacher training year so far”

Social Media: What are the rules for teachers?

So you’ve probably already seen the likes of ‘Lucy Smith’ changing her Facebook name to ‘Lucy May’ because she’s going to be a teacher next year. Some do it for other professions too, but I must admit it is mainly my teacher friends that I have noticed using this technique to hide their social mediaContinue reading “Social Media: What are the rules for teachers?”

I’m a graduate!

The tassel was worth the hassle! It’s finally come to the end of my three years at the University of Birmingham and my graduation ceremony on Friday was an amazing way to celebrate. I am so fortunate that my coursemates and I are really close as a year group and so to graduate with allContinue reading “I’m a graduate!”

Cheers to being an adult 

This week I graduate from university and it’s slowly beginning to hit me that I’m now an adult and I’m living in the real world. Help. Wake me up from this nightmare! Don’t make me do it. I can’t. Let me be a child/teenager/student forever! As I begin my teacher training it’s becoming more andContinue reading “Cheers to being an adult “

Day 1 of Teacher Training

At 8.32am I found myself sat in my car taking a nervous selfie, with a million thoughts going through my head. ‘Have I made the right decision?’, ‘Why teaching?’, ‘Heels or flats?’, ‘Is 28 minutes, too early?’.  Today came the realisation that I am actually going to be a teacher. No more student life forContinue reading “Day 1 of Teacher Training”