A lunch date with Clarins

A few weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Clarins team at Broughton Park Boots to be the first to try out their launch of a fantastic new range of products. I work really close to Broughton Park so I headed out on my lunch break to visit Beth and Jess, two lovely ladiesContinue reading “A lunch date with Clarins”

Millennial Burnout: What’s it all about?

Two words I’ve been seeing together a lot in the media recently are ‘millennial’ and ‘burnout’. I thought I’d share my own views on this new buzz word combination that people are using to describe their feelings and experiences in their twenties and early thirties.  If you’re not aware of the meaning of the twoContinue reading “Millennial Burnout: What’s it all about?”

The Road to Ibiza – Fitness and Health Holiday Preparation

So I’ve just booked my holiday to Ibiza and I’m super excited. It’s been on my list of go-to places for a while and I can’t wait for beach clubs, beautiful sunsets and sunbathing with a cocktail (or 3) in hand. I recently was asked to share my ‘daily routine’ by one of my followersContinue reading “The Road to Ibiza – Fitness and Health Holiday Preparation”

How to stop comparing yourself (and other millennial problems)

It’s almost Valentines Day, which means our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat feeds will be flooded with outbursts of adoration, loved-up couples and enough celebrity promos to make you want to quit social media for good. It’s no surprise that people (both in a relationships and single) are comparing their lives to that of whatContinue reading “How to stop comparing yourself (and other millennial problems)”

Time to Talk: Anxiety

As today (Thursday 7th February) is Time to Talk Day 2019 I thought I would share with you my experiences of anxiety and post-graduate depression. This isn’t something I’ve spoken openly about on my blog before but I have always thought I should, just incase someone reading this is feeling this way too, it getsContinue reading “Time to Talk: Anxiety”

5 ways to manage your wellbeing when you start a new job

I shared with you all last week that I recently started a new job that I am loving and was really excited about the prospects and opportunities that this new role would bring for me. I realised, however, that I probably spoke about getting a new job in a really positive light and feel theContinue reading “5 ways to manage your wellbeing when you start a new job”

Veganuary: What’s the hype?

The UK has gone crazy for the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll, but what are the benefits of eating vegan food in your twenties? Some may call it a fad but it seems like veganism is here to stay and is vastly on rise with current figures estimating over 3.5 million people in the UK identifyContinue reading “Veganuary: What’s the hype?”

5 New Years Resolutions for your twenties you’ll actually keep

1. Follow your dreams You’re in your twenties now and up until this point you’ve probably always taken advice from a mixture of your parents, family and friends. 2019 is about making your own decisions about where your passions lie and what you want to spend your time doing. Think about the things that giveContinue reading “5 New Years Resolutions for your twenties you’ll actually keep”