10 must-see things to do in Hong Kong

If you’ve been following me on social media recently you’ll see that last month I went on a family trip to Hong Kong. I’ve always been intrigued but never really hyped on visiting Asia. However, when I found out my sister was doing a semester abroad in Hong Kong for her degree, it felt likeContinue reading “10 must-see things to do in Hong Kong”

Why I left teaching after just 2 years

It’s been one whole year since I hung up my teaching boots and left for a new career. I’ve sat down to write this post 100 times but somehow I can never finish. Finally, I’ve been able to get off my chest why I chose to leave teaching and it’s all too sad that myContinue reading “Why I left teaching after just 2 years”

Hey Mum, I won an award!

An inside look at the evening that this little blog helped me win Influential Blogger of the Year 2019 at the Liverpool Influencer Awards. I enlisted the help of my beautiful make up artist, turned-friend, Liv who managed to work miracles and made my very dry and spotty face look good for the event. IContinue reading “Hey Mum, I won an award!”

Moving to the city; What’s it really like?

Life can take you to places you never even dreamed you’d visit but some of us love those new places so much, we now call them home. Keep scrolling for five honest accounts from a range of young women in their twenties. They not only open up about their challenges they have faced, but alsoContinue reading “Moving to the city; What’s it really like?”

Millennial Burnout: What’s it all about?

Two words I’ve been seeing together a lot in the media recently are ‘millennial’ and ‘burnout’. I thought I’d share my own views on this new buzz word combination that people are using to describe their feelings and experiences in their twenties and early thirties.  If you’re not aware of the meaning of the twoContinue reading “Millennial Burnout: What’s it all about?”

5 things I’ve learned from moving to a new city after graduating

I mentioned last week over on my instagram (@gs20s if you’re not already following me) that I was going to share my experience of moving to a brand new city after graduating from university. I come from a small rural town and going to university in Birmingham opened my eyes to the excitement of living nearContinue reading “5 things I’ve learned from moving to a new city after graduating”

5 ways to manage your wellbeing when you start a new job

I shared with you all last week that I recently started a new job that I am loving and was really excited about the prospects and opportunities that this new role would bring for me. I realised, however, that I probably spoke about getting a new job in a really positive light and feel theContinue reading “5 ways to manage your wellbeing when you start a new job”

Why I had a career change at 23

So this week I started what I can only describe as ‘the job I left teaching for’. I know it’s early days and 3 days is probably not enough to go on to describe it as my ‘dream job’ but, honestly, I’m loving it.  Where it began If you’re not familiar with my journey soContinue reading “Why I had a career change at 23”

How to prepare for interviews

So if you’ve been following me on Instagram recently you’ll have seen that I’ve been going for lots of interviews in pursuit of building a new career after taking a step out of teaching. Here’s my 12 tips to help you prepare effectively for an interview:

Want extra cash? Try selling on eBay with these 10 Simple Steps

In your early twenties you want to have ALL the fun. But ‘ALL the fun’ costs money and it’s unlikely that you’re CEO of any company just yet. So money can sometimes be an issue.  I like to use eBay to help me… A. Get rid of all those items that I never wear/use orContinue reading “Want extra cash? Try selling on eBay with these 10 Simple Steps”