GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Grilla, Liverpool

Welcome to the second in my blog series of ‘The Good Mood Food Review’. Here you can find out all about those restaurants and bars with feel good food and atmosphere! Recently I was invited to write a review of Grilla, one of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool. I had eaten there before and fellContinue reading “GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Grilla, Liverpool”

GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Bistro Franc, Hanover Street, Liverpool

This is the start of a brand new series I’ve called ‘Good Mood Food Reviews’, where I’ll be giving you the low down on the latest restaurants and bars I’ve been to and where you should be heading to next. I strongly believe that food should put you in a good mood and my stomachContinue reading “GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Bistro Franc, Hanover Street, Liverpool”