5 things I’ve learned from moving to a new city after graduating

I mentioned last week over on my instagram (@gs20s if you’re not already following me) that I was going to share my experience of moving to a brand new city after graduating from university. I come from a small rural town and going to university in Birmingham opened my eyes to the excitement of living nearContinue reading “5 things I’ve learned from moving to a new city after graduating”

I’m a graduate!

The tassel was worth the hassle! It’s finally come to the end of my three years at the University of Birmingham and my graduation ceremony on Friday was an amazing way to celebrate. I am so fortunate that my coursemates and I are really close as a year group and so to graduate with allContinue reading “I’m a graduate!”

Cheers to being an adult 

This week I graduate from university and it’s slowly beginning to hit me that I’m now an adult and I’m living in the real world. Help. Wake me up from this nightmare! Don’t make me do it. I can’t. Let me be a child/teenager/student forever! As I begin my teacher training it’s becoming more andContinue reading “Cheers to being an adult “