A ‘twenty-something’ guide to Belfast

A low-down for anyone planning a relatively inexpensive weekend break in Belfast with a partner or small group of friends. We’ve tried it all out, so you can go and make the most of your trip. In January 2020, my boyfriend and I spent a weekend exploring Belfast and just for you guys, we’ve jotted itContinue reading “A ‘twenty-something’ guide to Belfast”

GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Grilla, Liverpool

Welcome to the second in my blog series of ‘The Good Mood Food Review’. Here you can find out all about those restaurants and bars with feel good food and atmosphere! Recently I was invited to write a review of Grilla, one of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool. I had eaten there before and fellContinue reading “GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Grilla, Liverpool”

GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Bistro Franc, Hanover Street, Liverpool

This is the start of a brand new series I’ve called ‘Good Mood Food Reviews’, where I’ll be giving you the low down on the latest restaurants and bars I’ve been to and where you should be heading to next. I strongly believe that food should put you in a good mood and my stomachContinue reading “GOOD MOOD FOOD REVIEW – Bistro Franc, Hanover Street, Liverpool”

Hey Mum, I won an award!

An inside look at the evening that this little blog helped me win Influential Blogger of the Year 2019 at the Liverpool Influencer Awards. I enlisted the help of my beautiful make up artist, turned-friend, Liv who managed to work miracles and made my very dry and spotty face look good for the event. IContinue reading “Hey Mum, I won an award!”

Moving to the city; What’s it really like?

Life can take you to places you never even dreamed you’d visit but some of us love those new places so much, we now call them home. Keep scrolling for five honest accounts from a range of young women in their twenties. They not only open up about their challenges they have faced, but alsoContinue reading “Moving to the city; What’s it really like?”

5 things I’ve learned from moving to a new city after graduating

I mentioned last week over on my instagram (@gs20s if you’re not already following me) that I was going to share my experience of moving to a brand new city after graduating from university. I come from a small rural town and going to university in Birmingham opened my eyes to the excitement of living nearContinue reading “5 things I’ve learned from moving to a new city after graduating”