I donated my hair to The Little Princess Trust

So two weeks ago I chopped off all my hair and posted it to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that make wigs for children suffering with hair loss. And boy – I’m so glad I did it!

Scroll down for my before and after photo!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust. I remember seeing Jessie J shaving her whole head in 2013 for the charity and it inspired me to donate myself.

The hardest part was making the decision to do it but once I’d sent the message to my hairdresser, and she agreed to do it, I never looked back! I made sure I got one last curly blow dry on New Years Eve with my long hair and then less than a fortnight later I headed to my hairdresser’s (my cousin) house! From the moment I got there I felt excited rather than nervous.

When the initial scissors started to chop away I was so relieved. I’ve had long hair my whole life and was tired of it – I was ready for a change. Due to my hair being so thick my hairdresser couldn’t actually get the scissors through to begin with.

But when chopped my lonely ponytail looked like this!


And when I measured it up it was 11 inches long! The charity requires a minimum of 7 inches and that’s all I thought I would be able to cut off but no – 11 inches lighter and I love it!

So for those of you that love a before and after…

IMG_1498 copy

What do you think?

People have been complimentary so far. I’ve had compliments like, you look more professional, it’s made you look more grown up, it’s cute, it reminds me of Khloe Kardashian (I’ll take that!). The pupils I teach have all been lovely too. I had one child that said I look like Zoella (again I will take that!), one class give me a round of applause for donating my hair to charity and one kid tell me I look like his mum – cheers!

After 2 weeks of having a bob I can honestly say I am loving and embracing the change! It’s been fun trying out new styles and I plan to keep it short for the foreseeable!

I’ll post again in a few weeks with a few pictures of how I’ve been styling my new do.

You can donate too!

All you need to do is:

  • Grow your hair to a length where you can have a minimum of 7 inches or 17 cm cut off
  • If you are under 16 get permission from your parent/guardian before you go for the cut
  • Post your hair to the Little Princess Trust to get your certificate

They accept clean, dry hair in good condition (no split ends) from any gender, and of any natural colour, even dyed hair.

It’s as easy as that and I promise you the bob-life is the way forward! 😉

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