Cheers to being an adult 

This week I graduate from university and it’s slowly beginning to hit me that I’m now an adult and I’m living in the real world. Help. Wake me up from this nightmare!

Don’t make me do it. I can’t. Let me be a child/teenager/student forever!

As I begin my teacher training it’s becoming more and more real that I have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. Being an adult isn’t easy and I’m pretty sure all students have the same reality check when they graduate.

Don’t get me wrong I’m really looking forward to working in a school everyday and learning how to be a teacher. But just because I’ve got my next step planned it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel really daunting to be entering the world of work. I’ll also be living in a flat with just my boyfriend and not a bunch of students. It will be our sole responsibility to pay bills, do the washing and general adulting stuff. I’ve done a lot for a 21 year old. But this is definitely a new challenge and I’m kind of nervous about it.

Big questions that I would like someone to answer for me:

  • What am I going to do with my life?
  • How do I save money and not live like a pauper?
  • How do you get through life on 4 hours sleep?
  • When will I know I’m doing a job I love?
  • Is today Wednesday?
  • Did I leave my straighteners on?
  • Am I going mad?

If anyone could answer these questions for me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll just be having a moment here in the corner…

Published by Gaby Mendes

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